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The Crazy Musings of a Paladin [userpic]
Book sent
by The Crazy Musings of a Paladin (relena_wolf)
at December 5th, 2005 (03:09 pm)

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I sent the book by media mail to Lauren this morning. It should arrive in 4-7 days. I suggest, for expediency, cost and proximity's sake, that the book go to Bernie (masshysteria) next. If Bernie and Lauren see Celeste (walkingfish) or Miriam (talesanddreams)over winter break, then it can be handed off to one of them. If not, then the book should be sent to Celeste next and the queue can resume as normal. Currently, according to first-post priority, the queue is Celeste, Tara (taraisagoddess), Miriam and Bernie. If anyone foresees an easier, more cost effective means of moving the book about, let me know.

Media mail cost me $1.42, which seems fairly reasonable. I wrapped a spare piece of bubble wrap around the book and then wrapped the whole thing in an ad insert from the paper, so I think the book should be fine. I also included a Kzoo keychain and a note, which aren't completely kosher, so we'll just hope they don't inspect it ;) I think it would be a nice tradition to include a little something from your neck of the woods with the package, but doing so is completely up to the sender.

Lauren, please put up a note when it arrives so that I know that it got there safely and we can guesstimate shipping time. Now it's time for me to go write a "literary" book review. Happy reading everyone :)

PS, I've put tags on everyone's entries so far. It would be helpful if everyone could tag their own entries. For example, this entry deals with the queue and with shipping and sending the book, so it has the tags queue, shipping and sent. When Lauren posts that she receives the book, it should have the tag "received." When someone writes a review, or suggestion, those tags can be used as well.