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The Crazy Musings of a Paladin [userpic]
by The Crazy Musings of a Paladin (relena_wolf)
at December 3rd, 2010 (12:06 pm)

current mood: optimistic
current song: [Glow in the Dark] Plastic Angel- The Nields

This blog was created to track the travels of a copy of Nerissa Nields' novel Plastic Angel. The book was first acquired by </a></b></a>relena_wolf at the 2005 NCTE Convention. She read it, thought it was fabulous and knew she had to share it with long-time Nields fan </a></b></a>bailamorena, so she sent it off with an inscription instructing that the book was to be sent along. As the book progresses on its journey, this blog will chronicle its whereabouts and people's reactions to it.

If you've come in contact with this special, travelling book, please share your experiences with the rest of us. Please also send an email to Plastic[dot]Angel[dot]Book [at] Gmail [dot] com so that </a></b></a>relena_wolf can keep track of the book and let you know if there's an address that wishes to receive it next.

Responses from other people who have read the book, or who would like to have the book sent to them, are also welcome.

We hope to hear from other readers soon :)